c Photon Technologies - AutoCADD


Session 1

About CADD centre
Introduction to Engineering Drawings
   Projections (First &Third angle)
   Views (Orthographic,Isometric& Perspective)
Introduction to AutoCAD
   Exploring GUI
Co-ordinate systems

Session 2 & 3

Orthographic Views
   Drawing settings - Units,Limits
   Drawing Tools: Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Donut, Polygon, Rectangle
   Modify Tools: Erase, Oops,Undo, Redo, Explode, Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Array, Align, Scale,Stretch, Lengthen, Trim, Extend, Break, Join,Chamfer, Fillet
File Management - New, Qnew, Open, Save, Save as, Close, Exit, Quit
Mini Project 1 - OrthographicViews

Session 4

Drawing Tools: Multiline, Pline, Spline, Xline, Ray, Wipeout, Revison cloud
Modify Tools: Mlstyle,Mledit, Pedit, Splinedit
Grip Editing

Session 5

Display Control: Zoom, Pan, Redraw, Regen, Clean Screen, Steering wheels
Object Properties: Color,Linetype, Ltscale, Lineweight, Properties, Matchprop

Session 6

Layer Management
   Adding / Removing Layers
   Layer Status
   New Property Filter
   New Group Filter
   Layer Status Manager    Plot Control

Session 7

Object Selection Methods
   Select, Qselect, Filter
Symbol & BOM CreationBlock, Base, Wblock, Insert

Session 8

Symbol & BOM Creation: Divide, Measure, Attribute (Attdef, Attedit,Eattedit, Attdisp,Attdia, Attext, Eattext)
Project: Create a customized title Block using Attributes and save it as a Template

Session 9

Symbol & BOM Creation: Dynamic Block
Parametric Modeling: Geometric Constraint, Dimensional Constraint
Action Recorder, Design Centre, Tool Palette

Session 10

Isometric View Drawings
   Perspective View Drawings
   One Point & Two Point
Project: Isometric View, Perspective View: Building Exterior (two point perspective), Interior(one point perspective)

Session 11

Annotation Tools: Test, Style, Mtext, Scaletext, Spell, Table, Tablestyle, Tabledit

Session 12

Hatching utilities - Hatch, Hatchedit,Gradient
Inquiry commands - Id, Dist,List, Radius, Angle, Area, Volume
Fill, Fillmode

Session 13

Dimension - Linear, Aligned, Radius, Diameter, Center Mark, Angle, Arc length, Continuous, Baseline, Tolerance, Dimension Space, Dimension Break, Inspection, Jogged radius, Ordinate dimensions.
Leader, Qleader

Session 14

Mleader, Multi leader style, Add leader, Align Leaderlines, Collect Leader
Dim edit, dimtedit, Dimension Associative, Reassociate
Dimension Style
Project 1

Session 15

OLE concepts - Olelinks, Olescale, Insertobj
Copy, Copybase, Copylink, Pasteclip, Pastespecial, Pasteblock, Pasteoriginal
External references - Xref, Xbind,CircularXref, Refedit

Session 16

Etransmit, Publish, Publish to Web,
Introduction to plotting, Layout, Viewports, Mview, Page setup, Plot Styles, Plot